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Mar 3, 2014


Dear ALL... The ISS Students on the call of the Principal Mrs Sanchita Verma, Today collected used (WASHED & IRONED) clothes for donation to unprivileged people....The Response was HUGE and the Principal herself was overwhelmed by the encouragement of parents ...The boxes in and around the school  were not enough...The students had to be transported AROUND Sohar TOWN to drop them in other boxes.......CHEERS for all the effort and may this spirit of sharing and giving LIVE forever...

Some photos from the drive..

Feb 20, 2014

Mobile Robotics Workshop

                                                INDIAN SCHOOL SOHAR
                                                  Mobile Robotics Circular
                                                                                                             20 February 2014
Dear Parents,
We wish to inform you that the Innovians Technologies from India ( is going to organise a mobile Robotics workshop.

Level 1: Date - Thursday 3rd April 2014 & Friday 4th April 2014 and Fee - RO 16

Mobile Robotics Workshop (For VI to XII Standard Students): It is a two days workshop in which students will learn to design 3 different robot i.e. Manual Robot, Line Follower & Mobile Controlled Robot. For more details regarding this workshop please visit

Level 2: Date Thursday 3rd April 2014 & Friday 4th April and Fee -RO 16.
Electronics Circuit designing (For IX to XII Standard Students) : Its a two days workshop in which student will learn to design 7 different electronic circuit project like, Automatic Street Light control, Dancing light, Musical Bell, Fire alarm, Water Tank Full Alert, Morning Alarm depends on light, Siren etc. For more details regarding this workshop please visit for the students who have already completed Level 1 workshop last year.

Level 3 : Saturday 5th April 2014 & Sunday 6th April 2014 and Fee - RO 16
Aeromodelling & water Rocketory (For V to X Standard Students) : It is a two days workshop in which students will learn to design Chuck/Catapult Glider/ & water Rocket with Parachute Mechanism. For more details regarding this workshop please visit
At the end of the workshop a small competition will be organised & winning team will get the certificate of excellence. All the participants will be awarded with certificates.

Last date for submission - 2nd March 2014 to the Class Teacher, Students can opt for two workshops also on different dates.

Mrs Sanchita Verma

Jan 28, 2014

Annual Sports Day 2014

                                               INDIAN SCHOOL SOHAR
                                                                                                             28 January 2014
Dear Parents,

You are cordially invited to the 21st Annual Sports Day on Tuesday, 4th February 2014 at 4.00PM at Sohar Sports Stadium. Please be seated by 3:45 pm.

Monday 03/02/2014

  • There will be no regular classes. It w ill be a holiday for non-participants.
  • All the participants of races, relays,March past. Pom Pom drill, Ball drill and Welcome song will directly come to Sohar sports Stadium by 7:45 am for rehearsals and other preparations.
  • Students will not bring books but should bring tiffin, water bottle and cap.
  • Dispersal will be from Sohar Sports Stadium at 12:05 PM for KG and 2:00 pm for the rest of the classes.
  • The entry will be from Gate no.6 of Sohar Sports Stadium.

Tuesday 04.02.2014

  • All participants should reach Sohar Sports Stadium at 3:00 PM. They should bring the costumes for their races and other respective item as instructed by the concerned teachers.
  • For March past (Senior) and Volunteers, the dress will be white uniform with white P.T. shoes.
  • Students participating in various races (Middle & senior) should wear black shorts (for boys) and black short / slacks (for girls) and plain T shirts of their respective house colour.
  • Student council members to come in white uniform white P.T. shoes, red Tie and Navy blue/black blazers.

The dresses should be neat and clean and ironed. The shoes should be washed and polished. All students should bring tiffin,water bottle and cap. All participants to enter the stadium from Gate No. 6.

  • Please note that Class XI will have pre-final exams as per schedule and Class XII will have CBSE Practical exams as per schedule.
  • Wednesday 05.02.2014 will be holiday for Classes LKG-XI.

Looking forward to your whole hearted co-operation.

Mrs Sanchita Verma