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15 Sep 2011

Class V- ASSET Exam Sample Questions

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| Class 5 | English

1) Complete the sentence with the word OPPOSITE in MEANING to the underlined word.
The expert mountaineer shared his knowledge with the new and ____________ members of the team.
A. weak
B. fresh
C. unknown
D. untrained

Correct Answer : D
2) Choose the CORRECT word which can REPLACE the underlined word in this sentence.
The movie closed with the death of both the hero and the heroine.
A. shut
B. ended
C. neared
D. started

Correct Answer : B
3) Choose the word OPPOSITE in MEANING to the UNDERLINED WORD in this sentence.
Hitler was a brave general and a cunning leader.
A. bold
B. timid
C. gentle
D. strong

Correct Answer : B

4) Which of these questions is CORRECT in EVERY WAY?
A. Do you has a pet dog at home?
B. What do Anand's brother look like?
C. Do both your brothers play football?
D. Does your sister still lives with your parents?

Correct Answer : C

5) Before which of these words can ''mis-'' be ADDED to FORM a NEW WORD that means to ''have no belief in''?
A. take
B. chief
C. trust
D. behave

Correct Answer : C

6) Sushmita wanted to arrange the following DVDs in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.
Choose the CORRECT option which arranges these DVDs in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. 

A. 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 
B. 2 - 4 - 1 - 3 - 5
C. 1 - 2 - 5 - 3 - 4
D. 4 - 2 - 1 - 5 - 3

Correct Answer : D

7) william hanna and joseph barberas tom and jerry cartoon shows are very popular and i like tin cat of tomorrow the best
In which of the following is the given sentence punctuated correctly.
A. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera'sTom and Jerry cartoon shows are very popular and I like Tin Cat of Tomorrow the best.
B. William hanna and Joseph barberas'Tom and Jerry cartoon shows are very popular and I like Tin cat of Tomorrow the best.
C. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera'sTom And Jerry cartoon shows are very popular and I like Tin Cat Of Tomorrow the best.
D. William Hanna And Joseph Barberas'Tom and Jerry cartoon shows are very popular and I like Tin cat of tomorrow the best

Correct Answer : A
8) Our teacher told us to form a queue and walk into the class. She warned us not to ________ the line.

Choose the word OPPOSITE in MEANING to the UNDERLINED WORD to complete the given sentence.

A. change
B. repair
C. break
D. replace 

Correct Answer : C

| Class 5 | Maths

Which of the following pair of shapes when joined together (by placing them edge to edge) can form a SQUARE? (The shapes can be turned if required)

Correct Answer : B

2) Questions 32 and 33 are based on this table and pictograph which show the number of trees on some streets of a town:

Name of street
Number of trees
Shanti lane
Park Road
Raj Path

Name of street
Number of trees
Shanti Lane
Raj path

How many trees doesrepresent?

A. 5

B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

Correct Answer : B

What is 19 - 18 + 17 - 16 + 15 - 14 +13 - 12?
A. 124
B. 48
C. 4
D. 1

Correct Answer : C
4) Which of these numbers is the CLOSEST to 8700?
A. 8599
B. 8605
C. 8672
D. 8739

Correct Answer : C
5) P, Q, R and S are four 4-digit numbers, each having the digit 9 only once and in the place shown. None of the other digits are known. 

What can be said with certainty about P, Q, R and S?
P ( 9 _  _  _ )         Q ( _  9 _  _ )
R ( _  _ 9  _ )         S ( _  _  _  9 )
A. S is the smallest of the 4 numbers.
B. Q is larger than R
C. P is the largest of the 4 numbers.
D. S is the only odd number among the 4 numbers.

Correct Answer : C

In the figure shown here, how many crosses are in the triangle but not in the square?

A. 6
B. 3
C. 2
D. 0

Correct Answer : D

Raman School has a big fleet of 26 buses. If each bus has 58 seats, how many seats are there in all the buses totally?
A. 1508
B. 1514
C. 464
D. 3596

Correct Answer : A

8) Twice a certain number is 58. Four times that number will be
A. 4 X 58
B. 58 + 4
C. 58 X 2
D. 8 X 58

Correct Answer : C

9) What is seven hundreds, plus thirteen tens?
A. 713
B. 7130
C. 830
D. 731

Correct Answer : C
A solid object, when seen from one side, looks like this:

The same solid, when viewed from top, looks like this:

Which of these shapes could it be?

Correct Answer : C

11) Mr. Frog and Mr. Toad are sitting on a rock. There are many stones in front of them. Mr. Frog can jump 6 stones at a time and Mr. Toad can jump 4 stones at a time. Which is the first stone on which both of them will land, if they jump as far they can each time?

A. 3rd
B. 4th
C. 12th
D. 24th

Correct Answer : C

12) These are the two types of 'kadai' that a certain shop has.
Surya Steel Rs 235
Trish Non stick Rs 372

Shalini visits this shop and buys the steel kadai.

However, she changes her mind the next day and comes to take the non-stick one instead. She pays for the excess amount with a 500 rupee note. What amount should be returned to her?
A. Rs 363
B. Rs 265
C. Rs 137
D. Rs 128

Correct Answer : A
13) Ramesh divided 3250 by 18 and got the Quotient 179 and Remainder 28. For this problem, which of these checks will help Ramesh find out his mistake?
A. Check if Quotient x Divisor + Remainder = Dividend
B. Check his calculations of 18 x 1, 18 x 7 and 18 x 9.
C. Check if Remainder < Dividend
D. Check if Remainder < Divisor

Correct Answer : D
14) In which figure does the shaded part represent 0.3?

Correct Answer : A
15) What is 5÷0?
A. 5
B. 0
C. The same as 0÷5
D. Undefined or 'infinity'.

Correct Answer : D
16) Durga, Sowmya and Sudarshan have drawn the following shapes.

Durga      Sowmya       Sudarshan

Who has drawn a shape having only STRAIGHT lines?

A. only Sowmya
B. only Durga and Sowmya
C. only Sowmya and Sudarshan
D. all- Durga, Sowmya and Sudarshan

Correct Answer : C

| Class 5 | Science

During big sports competitions, a special type of watch is used to record the time during the races. Identify the watch used from the figures given below.


Correct Answer : C

2) Recycling (reusing) which of these objects would help save more trees on earth?
A. Newspaper
B. Aluminium cans
C. Glass bottles
D. Iron grills

Correct Answer : A

3) The correct order in which food passes through these organs during digestion is:


Correct Answer : B
4) In nature, many animals, like elephants, usually live in large groups. But, some animals do NOT live in groups. Which of the following animals usually live alone?
A. owls
B. ants
C. deer
D. monkeys

Correct Answer : A
5) It is winter, and the students of class 5 would like to choose a dry, sunny day for their picnic. Today is Sunday, and the newspaper has this 5-day weather forecast.

32 C
18 C
24 C
16 C
24 C
16 C
28 C
18 C
30 C
20 C

Which of these days would be the best for the picnic?
A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday

Correct Answer : D
6) Nisha was making a list of things that are obtained from plants and Amol was making a list of things that can dissolve in water.
Nish's List (obtained from plants)- Jute,wood,rubber
Amol's list (can be dissolved in water)- Vinegar,lemon juice,cooking soda

Which of the following could be added to both lists?
A. oil
B. sugar
C. cotton
D. table salt

Correct Answer : B

7)Annie was eating cabbage, carrots and spinach (palak). Which parts of their plants was she eating?
A. roots and fruits
B. stems and fruits
C. leaves and fruits
D. roots and leaves

Correct Answer : D

Where does our body get the water it needs?
A. From the water that we drink.
B. From other liquids that we drink
C. From the food that we eat.
D. From all the above.

Correct Answer : D

9) Bindu's teacher asked a few students to perform an experiment described in the textbook. However, Bindu found that her results were different from what was described in the book. What should Bindu do?
A. She should keep repeating the experiment till she gets the result reported in the textbook.
B. She should change the observations so that she gets the result reported in the textbook
C. She should use her friends' observations.
D. She should report her observations the way they are.

Correct Answer : D

10) Which option shows the items correctly in the ascending order of their distances from you:
A. Stars, the sun, clouds, the moon, a flying crow.
B. A flying crow, clouds, the moon, the sun, stars.
C. A flying crow, the moon, clouds, stars, the sun.
D. Clouds, a flying crow, the moon, stars, the sun

Correct Answer : B

11) Where among these will maximum topsoil erosion take place?
A. on a slope with thick vegetation cover
B. on a flat piece of land with no vegetation cover
C. on a flat piece of land with thick vegetation cover
D. on a slope with no vegetation cover

Correct Answer : D
12) Tanisha took an empty cup and a glass of water. She placed a thick plastic sheet on the cup as shown below and poured some water on it. She then checked whether there was any water in the cup after five minutes.

Then she tried the same experiment with a newspaper sheet, a sheet of iron and a piece of cotton cloth.

What was she trying to check?

A. Do some materials let water pass through?
B. Do some materials mix properly in water?
C. Do some materials take more time to dry?
D. Do some materials change the colour of water?

Correct Answer : A
13) Filtration using the equipment shown can be used to separate which of the following materials?
A. A solution of potassium permanganate and water.
B. A solution of salt and water
C. A mixture of sugar and sand.
D. A mixture of chilli powder and water.

Correct Answer : D

14) A power cut made Vishaka light candles. What form(s) of energy does a burning candle release?
A. Heat energy only
B. Light energy only
C. Chemical and sound energy.
D. Light and heat energy.

Correct Answer : D
15) Which of the following skulls belongs to a horse?

Correct Answer : A

16) Fish have fins; in the same way, birds have _____
A. beaks
B. lungs
C. feathers
D. gills

Correct Answer : C
17) Which of these is caused by drinking unclean water?
A. Malaria
B. Typhoid
C. Chicken pox
D. Measles

Correct Answer : B

18) Which one of these instruments will you use to observe the night sky?

Correct Answer : A


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