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15 Sep 2011

Class IV- ASSET exam Sample Questions

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|Class 4 | English
1) Which word can REPLACE ''designed'' in the sentence below?
The new rupee symbol has been designed by Mr D. Udaya Kumar who is a post graduate from IIT, Mumbai.
A. built
B. started
C. created
D. copied

Correct Answer : C

2) Choose the sentence in which ''light'' is related to ''the weight of something''.
A. I switched on the light in the kitchen.
B. The curtains in my room are light green.
C. Get ready when you see the amberlight.
D. I like to wear shoes which are very light on the feet.

Correct Answer : D

3) Identify the option with the CORRECT SPELLING.
A. hankerchief
B. handkerchief
C. handkercheif
D. handcercheif

Correct Answer : B
4) Choose the option that BEST COMPLETES the sentence given below.
Miss Radha did not allow us to go for the movie __________________.
A. as we didn't do our homework in time
B. while we didn't do our homework in time
C. for we do not do our homework in time
D. but we do not do our homework in time

Correct Answer : A
5) Which sentence has no mistake?
A. The man thought he was in the desert.
B. The man thought he was on the desert.
C. The man is thinking he was in the desert now.
D. The man thought he was in the dessert.

Correct Answer : A

6) Choose the COMPLETE sentence.
A. When I become older.
B. Getting up in the morning.
C. If I were the Prime Minister.
D. We won the match yesterday.

Correct Answer : D
7) Choose the phrase that completes the sentence below CORRECTLY and MEANINGFULLY.
I gave him my book, ____________________________________.
A. as he could not find his book
B. so he could not find his book
C. where he could not find his book
D. therefore he could not find his book

Correct Answer : A

8) The letters in 'steam' can be rearranged to make which word meaning 'friends?
A. meats
B. mates
C. stame
D. astem

Correct Answer : B

| Class 4 | Maths

1) Which of the following numbers comes between 798 and 978?
A. 789
B. 897
C. 987
D. 788

Correct Answer : B

An ant comes out of its hole and travels along the dotted lines to the piece of sugar. 

How much distance does it cover?
A. 1 m 26 cm
B. 2 m 25 cm
C. 2 m 70 cm
D. 22 m 5 cm

Correct Answer : B
3) Which of the following ribbons is the longest?

Correct Answer : B

570 + how many tens = 1000?
A. 430
B. 530
C. 43
D. 50

Correct Answer : C
5) What fraction of the shape below is shaded?

A. 1
B. 1/2
C. more than 1/2
D. less than 1/2

Correct Answer : D

How many beads should be removed from the hundreds' place in the abacus shown here if it has to represent a number between 650 and 750?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1

Correct Answer : C
7) A company sells rice in big bags and small bags. Each big bag contains 25 kg of rice and each small bag contains 5 kg of rice.
(Note: kg stands for kilograms)

Madhu ordered 4 big bags and 2 small bags. How many kilograms of rice did she order?

A. 30
B. 110
C. 120
D. 180

Correct Answer : B

8) Shown here is the information about the entrance tickets to an exhibition.

Family member
Mr Sharma (Father)
Mrs Sharma (Mother)
Age (Years)
Mrs & Mr Sharma with there 3 children went to the exhibition. Given above are their ages.

How much money did they spend on entrance tickets altogether??

Correct Answer : C

9) How many line segments are there in the figure shown here?
A. 1
B. 5
C. 3
D. 6
Correct Answer : D

10) What should be added to 7 × 42 to get 7 × 43?
A. 1
B. 7
C. 42
D. 43

Correct Answer : B
11) 99, 159, 219, ___ 
To find the next number after 219, we should
A. add 69 to 219
B. subtract 60 from 219
C. add 60 to 219
D. add 40 to 219

Correct Answer : C
12) The next two numbers in this series will be :
882, 852, 822 , _________, _________
A. 802, 872
B. 892, 862
C. 522, 222
D. 792, 762

Correct Answer : D

13) Which pair of calculations gives TWO DIFFERENT ANSWERS?
A. (16 + 9) and (9 + 16)
B. (9 ÷ 3) and (3 ÷ 9)
C. (7 x 3) and (3 x 7)
D. (5 + 4 + 11) and (4 + 11 + 5)

Correct Answer : B

14) Line B is longer than line A. By how much is it longer?
A. 21 units
B. 3 units
C. 4 units
D. 24 units

Correct Answer : B

15) If we start subtracting 5 from 24 stepwise as shown, we will be able to subtract 4 times.

(the process stops here as 4 is smaller than 5)
If we start subtracting 7 from 143 in a similar manner, how many times will we be able to subtract?
A. 14
B. 20
C. 40
D. 70
Correct Answer : B
1 Plate Idli ( 2 pieces) -Rs 15
1 Masala Dosa           - Rs 25
1 Plate Vada Sambar - Rs 23

1Plain Dosa                - Rs20
Raj and Soumya went to Amravati Restaurant to have some food. They bought 1 plate idli and two more items from the above list. They paid Rs. 100 and got Rs. 40 back. Which were the other two dishes they bought? 

A. 2 plates vada sambar 
B. 1 masala dosa & 1 plate vada sambar 
C. 1 plate vada sambar 
D. 1 masala dosa & 1 plain dosa

Ans : D
| Class 4 | Science

1) The earth's rotation on its axis is the reason for
A. the different seasons.
B. longer days in summer.
C. eclipses.
D. day and night.

Correct Answer : D

2) Which of these is a good description for your NECK?
A. I am the part on the end of the arms. I am used for picking and holding things.
B. I am the organ used for hearing in man and some animals.
C. I am the part of the body in human beings and animals that connects the head with the trunk.
D. I am the part that supports the body and helps in movement.

Correct Answer : C

Which of these is an important function of the roots of a plant?
A. to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere.
B. to absorb carbon dioxide from the soil.
C. to absorb water and minerals from the soil.
D. to transport water and minerals to different parts of the plant.

Correct Answer : C

4) Sonia did the following activity. She put some moist cotton on two identical trays and left a few seeds on each tray. She kept one tray in a shoe box with some holes on the top and the other near the window. She sprinkled water on both the trays and noted her observations for a week everyday.

Why did Sonia do this experiment?
A. She wanted to find out if plants grow well in a shoe box.
B. she wanted to find out if plants grow well near the window.
C. She wanted to find out if the amount of water affects growth 
of the plant from the seed.
D. She wanted to find out if the amount of light affects growth

Correct Answer : D

5) - I am obtained from plants.
    - I am used to make cloth.

Who am I?
A. wax
B. silk
C. wool
D. jute

Correct Answer : D

6) Kamala is pushing her bicycle up a hill. Where does Kamala get the energy to push her bicycle?

A. from the food she has eaten
B. from the exercise she did earlier
C. from the ground she is walking on
D. from the bicycle she is pushing

7) Kavita was driving her car and she stopped at a traffic signal when it turned red. All other vehicles also stopped at the signal. But the traffic policeman allowed one vehicle next to her to go ahead even when the lights were red.
Which of the following could it be?



Correct Answer : D

The Moon produces no light, and yet it shines at night. Why is this?
A. The Moon reflects the light from the Sun.
B. The Moon rotates at a very high speed.
C. The Moon is covered with a thin layer of ice.
D. The Moon has many craters.

Correct Answer : A

9) Some animals give birth to young ones. Some others lay eggs and hatch their young ones. Among these animals, which one gives birth to live young?
A. Horse
B. Snake
C. Earthworm
D. Crab

Correct Answer : A
Ranjit filled water in his transparent water bottle. He then tried to read a notice by seeing it THROUGH the bottle. What would it have looked like?

10)Tanisha took an empty cup and a glass of water. She placed a thick plastic sheet on the cup and poured some water on it. She then checked whether there was any water in the cup after five minutes.
Then she tried the same experiment with a newspaper sheet, a sheet of iron and a piece of cotton cloth.
What was she trying to check?

A. Do some materials let water pass through?
B. Do some materials mix properly in water? 
C. Do some materials take more time to dry?
D. Do some materials change the colour of water?


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