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15 Sep 2011

CLASS III- ASSET Exam sample Questions

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| Class 3 | Maths

The table below shows the number of boys and girls in four sections of class 3 in a school.


Study the table to answer the question below:Which two sections have an equal number of GIRLS?
A. 3-A and 3-B
B. 3-A and 3-C
C. 3-C and 3-D
D. 3-A and 3-D

Correct Answer : D

2)Some dots are put in GROUPS as shown:
*         *         *         *
*         *         *         *
*         *         *         *
The groups in this picture show that
A. 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 4 × 4
B. 3 + 3 + 3 = 3 × 3
C. 4 + 3 = 4 × 3
D. 4 + 4 + 4 = 3 × 4

Correct Answer : D

 3) Shown here is the number plate on Bala's car. The digit in the middle is missing.
TN - Y
We know that the number on Bala's number plate is LESS THAN 815.
Which of these could be the missing digit?

A. 0
B. 1
C. 5
D. 9

Correct Answer : A

4) Which subtraction gives 42 as the answer?
A. 90 - 52
B. 90 - 48
C. 90 – 42
D. 90 – 28

Correct Answer : B

5) In which of these flags can you see a triangle and a circle?

Correct Answer : B

5) 5 tens - 2 is equal to
A. 3
B. 13
C. 30
D. 48

Correct Answer : D

6) Each box below contains 6 crayons.How many crayons do 5 boxes contain?
A. 5 + 6
B. 5 x 6
C. 5 x 5
D. 6 + 5

Correct Answer : B

7) 2 times 9 is the same as 
A. 2 + 2.
B. 2 + 9.
C. 9 + 9.
D. 9 × 9.

Correct Answer : C

8) 16 subtracted from a number gives 64. What is the number?
A. 48
B. 52
C. 70
D. 80

Correct Answer : D

9) Which of these is the LARGEST number?
A. 918
B. 189
C. 981
D. 891

Correct Answer : C

10) Ravi wants to get the answer to 4 × 8 but does not know his 4 times table.
What could he do to get the answer to 4 × 8?
A. 8 + 4
B. 8 × 8 × 8 × 8
C. 8 + 8 + 8 + 8
D. 4 + 8

Correct Answer : C

11) What is 3 times 13?
A. 16
B. 39
C. 133
D. 313

Correct Answer : B

12) A tailor has to put 5 buttons on a shirt. How many buttons will he need for 12 shirts?
A. 12 + 5
B. 12 × 5
C. 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5
D. 12 × 12 × 12 × 12 × 12

Correct Answer : B

13) A cut is made on a folded sheet of paper as shown:

What will the cut look like when the paper is opened out again?


14) See how the letters are written in the first four wheels below:

The letters Q, R, S and T have to be written in the next wheel to make the pattern go on.Which letter should come in the place marked ' ' ?

A. Q
B. R
C. S
D. T

Correct Answer : D

There is a rule by which each number in BOX 1 is paired with a number in BOX 2.

By this rule, which number should be paired with 10?

A. 20
B. 30
C. 40
D. 50

Ans  D

|Class 3 | English
1) Which of these names would come THIRD in the A-B-C order (Alphabetical Order)?
A. Lucy
B. Jay
C. Sunil
D. Nusrat

Correct Answer : D
2) Select the word where the letter ''u'' has a different sound.
A. must
B. music
C. munch
D. muscle

Correct Answer : B
3) Choose the word with the CORRECT spelling to complete the sentence given below.
I like to use a ________ with big numbers on it.
A. calender
B. calendir
C. calendar
D. calundar

Correct Answer : C
4) Complete this sentence by choosing the correct word for the blank.
Salma likes to have honey on ______.
A. bread
B. a bread
C. an bread
D. two breads

Correct Answer : A
5) Which word in the sentence below has a SPELLING MISTAKE?
We clean our cycles once a weak.
A. clean
B. once
C. weak
D. cycles

Ans C
6) Which sentence uses the CAPITAL LETTER, FULL STOP, and APOSTROPHE (') CORRECTLY?
A. Lets ask Amits Uncle He will show us the correct direction.
B. Let's ask Amit's Uncle, He will show us the correct direction.
C. Let's ask Amit's uncle. He will show us the correct direction.
D. Lets' ask Amits' uncle, he will show us the correct direction.

Correct Answer : C
7) Which word has the same vowel sound as ''grey''?
A. crash
B. crew
C. crane
D. crack

Correct Answer : C
8) Choose the word with the CORRECT SPELLING for the sentence given below.
Sushila was very good at Maths. So she finished all the 25 sums _______.
A. qickly
B. fastly
C. easily
D. speedly

Correct Answer : C
| Class 3 | Science

How do sunglasses help us?
A. They stop the Sun's rays from heating our body.
B. They block out part of the sunlight reaching our eyes.
C. They reduce the amount of heat being lost through our eyes.
D. They prevent the body from losing a lot of water through sweat.

Correct Answer : B


This button is found on a remote control of a TV. Ali is watching TV. What will happen to the TV when Ali presses this button?
A. The sound will be turned on or off.
B. The screen will become dark.
C. The colour will become grey.
D. The TV will be switched off.

Correct Answer : A

3)Vasu and his friends went mountain climbing for 3 days. Here is what each of their bags contained:
What is the whistle most probably used for?
A. to scare away owls while they are resting at night
B. to practise breathing exercises in the high mountains
C. to make loud noises and call for help in case they get lost
D. to make sure the animals are not disturbed by their voices

Correct Answer : C

4) I am a part of a living thing.
I can be of different colours and shapes.
I am eaten by other living things.
Who am I?
A. leaf
B. beak
C. nails
D. chalk

Correct Answer : A

5) Which of these was invented the last?
A. calculator
B. typewriter
C. laptop
D. watch

Correct Answer : C
6) Read some lines about one of Samir's body parts.

- It does not have any bones.
- Samir can control how it moves.
- It moves when Samir talks.

Which of the following is it?
A. hair
B. foot
C. neck
D. tongue

Correct Answer : D

7) Which of the following has bones?
Which of the following has bones?

Correct Answer : A

8) Penguins live in large groups and sometimes, the young penguins get lost in this crowd. To find them, the mummy penguin and the papa penguin call out to their babies.

Which of these senses is important for the babies to recognise their parents?

A. hearing
B. smell
C. sight
D. taste

Correct Answer : A
9) Sagar wants to go to the other side of the road from the point marked in the figure. Sagar looks to his left and right before crossing. a road. But, his mother tells him that it is unsafe to cross from this point.

Why is it unsafe?

A. He will not be able to see the traffic coming from his right side.
B. The parked car on the opposite side will not allow him to reach the footpath.
C. Parked cars can suddenly start moving even if there is nobody inside them.
D. The traffic to Sagar’s left will be open and so cars could hit him on the road.

Correct Answer : A

10) A cobbler wanted to repair Zara's shoes. He has different types of needles. To decide which needle to use, he checks the shoes. What about the shoes should he have checked?
A. the thickness of the material of the shoes
B. the colour of the material of the shoes
C. the weight of the shoes
D. the length of the shoes

Correct Answer : A
If the screw is loose in this sharpener, which of these will happen when you use it to sharpen a pencil?
A. the pencil will be sharpened easily
B. the pencil will not remain sharp anymore
C. the pencil will not fit in the sharpener
D. the blade will not remain in a fixed place

Correct Answer : D

Which of these, when cut, makes a pattern like the one given below?

Ans D

13) Which of these can be used to find out how long a day is?

Ans B