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27 Sep 2011

19th Athletic Meet 2011

                                          INDIAN SCHOOL SOHAR
19th Annual Athletic Meet 2011
Events list
100 m
100 m
100 m
100 m
200 m
200 m
200 m
200 m
Long Jump
400 m
400 m
400 m
Shot Put
Shot Put
Shot Put
Shot Put
Mixed Relay
Long Jump
Long Jump
Long Jump

Mixed Relay
Mixed Relay
Discus throw

Mixed Relay

Date of Birth
Under 12 Years
Born on and after 01-01-2000
Under 14 Years
Born on and after 01-01-1998
Under 16 Years
Born on and after 01-01-1996
Under 19 Years
Born on and after 01-01-1993
  • Selection and Heats for Std V – XII will be held from 03.10.2011onwards.
  • Participating students should bring sports shoes.
  • Students are allowed to participate only in three events (excluding relay).
  • Girls should wear cycling shorts / slacks / dividers skirt.

J.K. Arora,

18 Sep 2011

Sastra Pratibha Contest for Classes V to X

                                   INDIAN SCHOOL SOHAR
                                                                           17 September 2011
Dear Parent

Sub : Sastra Pratibha Contest for Classes V to X

This is to inform you that Science Forum, Muscat is conducting the Sastra Pratibha Contest for Classes V to X on Thursday the 20th October 2011 at 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Interested students may pay enrollment fee of RO 1.000 at the school fee counter and collect the Enrollment form. Entry form duly filled have to be submitted to the Class teacher.
Last Date of Enrollment : 28.09.2011

JK Arora

16 Sep 2011

Class IX : ASSET Exam Sample questions

·       Visit aqad page at for asset question a day.

| Class 9 | English

1) Which of these words is associated with 'topics' and a 'kingdom'?
A. present
B. region
C. subjects
D. rules

Correct Answer : C

2) What is another word for 'arrogant'?
A. modern
B. unpretending
C. conceited
D. unassuming

Correct Answer : C

3) A 'pacifist' is likely to be one who is believes in
A. prestige.
B. peace.
C. principles.
D. pleasantries.

Correct Answer : B

4) ''The old man had become shaky with age.'' The underlined words can be replaced by:
A. electrocuted
B. twisted
C. doddering
D. frazzled
Correct Answer : C
5) Each option is a part of the sentence. The sentence can be read in the order of options, A-B-C-D. Which option is an error in the sentence formed.
A. The english scientist
B. Thomas Young set up
C. an experiment to diffract
D. light through a slit.

Correct Answer : A
6) Notorious Burglar Held, 33 Cases Solved
A. Simple Present, Active Voice
B. Simple Past, Active Voice
C. Present Perfect, Passive Voice
D. Present Perfect, Active Voice

Correct Answer : C
7) Which of these newspaper headlines given below is in the Active Voice?
A. Several Found Dead in Rock Blasts
B. Speaker Cannot be Questioned
C. IA Help line Extended to all Cities
D. School Students Lug 5 kg Bags to School

Correct Answer : D
8) When we learn how to do something and gain experience from it, we are _________________.
A. armed to the teeth
B. cutting our teeth
C. showing our teeth
D. gritting our teeth

Correct Answer : B
9) When we learn how to do something and gain experience from it, we are _________________.
A. armed to the teeth
B. cutting our teeth
C. showing our teeth
D. gritting our teeth

Correct Answer : B

| Class 9 | Maths

1) Shown here is a triangle with two of its sides as 9 cm and 4 cm and a square of side 5 cm. 

Both the figures have the same perimeter. What would be the length of the third side of the triangle?
A. 5 cm
B. 7 cm
C. 8 cm
D. 13 cm

Correct Answer : B
2) Rosy buys 6 mangoes for Rs. 20. How many mangoes should she sell for Rs. 20 if she wants to make a profit of 50%? 
A. 3
B. 4
C. 7
D. 9
Correct Answer : B

3) Read the following statements carefully.

Statement 1 - Every natural number is a rational number.
Statement 2 - Every integer is a rational number.
Statement 3 - Every whole number is a rational number.

Which of the above statements is/are true?
A. Only 3.
B. Both 1 and 2.
C. Both 1 and 3.
D. All 1, 2 and 3.

Correct Answer : D


For which of the above shaded shapes, can we calculate the area using the given information in the figures?
A. for the triangle only
B. for the circle only
C. for the triangle and circle only
D. For all of them - triangle, circle and parallelogram.

Correct Answer : D

5) The average of the ages of three people - Raghav, Robert and Razia is 20. Three years later the average of their ages will be____.
A. 20
B. 21
C. 23
D. 29
Correct Answer : C

6) Increasing a number by 100% is the same as
A. multiplying the number by itself.
B. multiplying the number by 2.
C. adding 2 to the number.
D. adding 100 to the number.

Correct Answer : B

7) The smallest integer value of 'x' satisfying the inequality 3x + 10 > 13 is
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 13

Correct Answer : B

Numbers are arranged in a specific pattern in the table below. 


Which of these could be the number in the box marked 'M'?

A. 7
B. 23
C. 29
D. 31
Correct Answer : D

9)Aluminium-coated dewars are cylindrical flasks used to safely store and transport liquid nitrogen, dry ice etc. A company manufactures such dewars of different sizes. Shown here are two dewars, both of the same height but of different diameters. 

How much aluminium will be required to cover Dewar A compared to that required for Dewar B?
(Note: The base and the lid are NOT made up of aluminium.)

A. 1/3 times
B. 3 times
C. 9 times
D. Same amount of aluminium will be required.

Correct Answer : B

10) What is the length of the longest stick that can be packed in the box of the dimensions shown below?
A. 90 cm
B. 70 cm
C. 2900 cm
D. 2400 cm

Correct Answer : C

11) If the piece of paper shown above is folded up along the dotted lines, what will the cube formed look like?
A. 90 cm
B. 70 cm
C. 2900 cm
D. 2400 cm

Correct Answer : B

12) The following pie-chart shows the percentages of ingredients in a Biscotti (a slightly sweet Italian snack like Indian toast or rusk).
Which of the following graph represents the ingredients (amount in grams) in a 200 gm Biscotti?
A. B. C. D.

Correct Answer : A

13) Three farmers can reap a field in 6 hours. The owner wants the field to be reaped in 1 hour. How many farmers should he have working on the field in all?
A. 1/6
B. 1/2
C. 9
D. 18

Correct Answer : D

14) Which of the following would be a rational number?
A. 21/2
B. 41/2
C. 61/3
D. 81/6

Correct Answer : B

15) -100, -97, -94, -91, -88,.....
If the above series is continued, which of the following numbers would appear in it? 
A. -3
B. -41
C. -52
D. -66

Correct Answer : C

16) For which of these values of y will 2y be an irrational number?
A. y =49
B. y = -2/13
C. y = 22/7
D. y =8

Correct Answer : D

17) Which of these shapes is/are trapeziums?
A. shape 3 only
B. shapes 1 and 3 only
C. shapes 1, 2 and 3 only
D. shapes 1, 2, 3 and 4

Correct Answer : D

18) Which of these numbers lies between 1/3 and 3/5? 
A. 2/15
B. 3/15
C. 7/15
D. 10/15

Correct Answer : C


If the piece of paper shown above is folded up along the dotted lines, what will the cube formed look like?

| Class 9 | Science

1) Some organisms reproduce sexually while others reproduce asexually. Which of these is usually true for organisms that reproduce asexually and NOT true for organisms that reproduce sexually?
A. They never have a nucleus in their cells.
B. They are almost exactly like their parents.
C. They can only be plants and not animals.
D. They grow up to have a large size.

Correct Answer : B

Mitochondria are known as the 'powerhouse' of the cell. Which of the following cells are likely to contain most mitochondria?
A. Blood Cells
B. Skin Cells
C. Muscle Cells
D. Stomach Cells

Correct Answer : C

A ball is thrown vertically upwards, and then caught again after 10 seconds.
Which of these graphs shows how its SPEED changes during its motion?

Correct Answer : C

4) Which of these is/are conserved during a chemical reaction?
A. mass only
B. charge only
C. both mass and charge
D. neither mass nor charge

Correct Answer : C
5) When we are swimming in water
A. we feel lighter because our mass decreases
B. we feel lighter because the water exerts an upward force on us
C. we feel heavier because the water exerts a downward force on us.
D. we do not feel any change in our weight because there is no new force.

Correct Answer : B

6) Study the picture of the human heart. Some parts are marked on it. 

Which letter represents the left ventricle?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D

Correct Answer : A
7) In a shoe, the laces pass through a set of holes in a regular crisscross manner in order to easily tighten the shoe. Each hole helps change the direction of the lace thereby making it easier to tighten the flaps. What simple machine does this mechanism use?
A. levers
B. fixed pulleys
C. inclined planes
D. screws

Correct Answer : B

When people fall ill, their immune system fights the disease and tries to restore the person to good health. Which disease is known to attack the human immune system leaving the body susceptible to various kinds of infection?
A. Chicken Pox
B. Pneumonia
C. Tuberculosis

Correct Answer : D

The figure here shows the position of a runner at one-second intervals as he moves from left to right. Which of the following graphs will BEST represent the motion of the runner in the figure?
Correct Answer : C

10) ''Farm Fresh'' shop in Kolkata advertises that they sell vegetables grown through organic farming methods. What is likely to be special about such vegetables?
A. They are available at much cheaper prices.
B. They remain fresh for longer periods of time.
C. They are genetically modified for better taste.
D. They are grown without chemical fertilizers.

Correct Answer : D

11) Why is it hotter in summer than winter? 
1. The earth is closer to the Sun in summer. 
2. More sunlight is concentrated in any given area in summer. 
3. Ocean currents carry warm water to the shores in summer. 
4. The day is longer, so the Sun gets more time to heat the earth.
A. 1 only
B. 1 and 4 only
C. 2 and 4 only
D. 2, 3 and 4 only

Correct Answer : C

12) Which of these happens during a SOLAR eclipse?
A. The shadow of the moon falls on the earth.
B. The shadow of the moon falls on the sun.
C. The shadow of the earth falls on the moon.
D. The shadow of the earth falls on the sun.

Correct Answer : A
13) In the diagram below, a 20 Newton force is used to push a 2 kilogram toy cart a distance of 5 meters. The work done on the cart is
A. 40 J
B. 100 J
C. 150 J
D. 200 J

Correct Answer : B
14) The atmospheric pressure at sea level is 1000 millibar. If the pressure at a place is 330 millibar and the average temperature is minus 9 degree Celsius, which of the following places could it be? 
A. inside a house located in New Delhi
B. on the top of a hill in the Western Ghats
C. on a beach in Goa
D. on the top of Mount Everest
Correct Answer : D
15) George is running towards the finish line in a race. The sun is casting his shadow as shown. In which direction is George running?
A. definitely north-west
B. either north-east or south-west
C. definitely south-west
D. it is not possible to tell from the given information
Correct Answer : B
16) Potatoes are cut into many parts, making sure that each part has at least one eye (bud). Each piece of potato will usually grow into a new potato plant. Will a new potato plant grow, if planted only with the eye?
Yes, a full new potato plant can grow from it.
Yes, but the new plant will take a slightly longer time to germinate.
C. No, a new potato plant will not grow because the food needed for germination comes from the potato piece.
No, a new potato plant will not grow because the leaves emerge only from the potato piece.
Correct Answer : C

17) In many countries including India, petrol cars are expected to use unleaded petrol and not leaded petrol which was used earlier. What is the reason for this?
A. Unleaded petrol is cheaper than leaded petrol.
B. Unleaded petrol is less hazardous for human health.
C. Unleaded petrol gives more mileage than leaded petrol.
D. All of the above.

Correct Answer : B