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4 Nov 2012

Annual Sports Day 2012

                                        INDIAN SCHOOL SOHAR
                                                                                            03 November 2012
Dear Parents:
You are cordially invited to the 20th Annual Sports Day on Wednesday, 7th November 2012 at 3.00 p.m. at Sohar Sports Stadium. Please be seated by 2:45 p.m.
Tuesday 06.11.2012

  •  There will be no regular classes. 
  •  All participants of races, relays, March Past, Pyramids, PT display, sports dance will directly come to the Sohar Sports  Stadium by 7:45 a.m. for rehearsals and other preparations. 
  • Students will not bring books but should bring tiffin and water bottle. 
  •  Dispersal will be from Sohar Sports Stadium, Sohar at 12.05 pm for KG and 2.00pm for rest of the classes. 
  • The entry will be from Gate no. 5 & 7 of Sohar Sports Stadium.

Wednesday 07.11.2012

  • All Participants should reach Sohar Sports Stadium at 1:30pm. They should bring the costumes for their races and other respective item as instructed by the concerned teachers. 
  •  For March past, Funny races and Volunteers, the dresses will be white uniform with white P.T. shoes. 
  •  Students participating in various races should wear black shorts(boys) and black shorts/slacks (for girls) and plain T shirts of their respective house colour. 
  •  Student Council Members to come in white uniform, white PT shoes, red tie and navy blue blazers. 
The dresses should be neat and clean and ironed. The shoes should be washed and polished. All students should bring tiffin and water bottle. All participants to enter the stadium from Gate no. 5 & 7.
Looking forward to your whole hearted co-operation.
Mrs Sanchita Verma

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