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27 May 2012

Annual Report 2012


 Assalam Alaikkum,

 Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

 On behalf of Indian School Sohar, I welcome you all to this grand event. I welcome and thank our Honourable Chief Guest Mr. Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Fazary, Director of Educational Programme Department, Ministry of Education for taking out time form his busy schedule and gracing the occasion. I extend a cordial welcome to the respectable members of the School Managing Committee, Members of the Sohar Business Community, invited guests, parents, staff and students of the school, ladies and gentlemen.

 On this joyous occasion, I want to begin by thanking His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and expressing gratitude towards him for forstering the growth and development of education of the Indian children in Oman. May Allah grant him good health, happiness and a long life and we all continue to bask in the warmth of his good will and benevolence. We are grateful and honoured by the love, affection and hospitality showered on us by the citizens of our host country. May God bless them and they continue to prosper under the visionary leadership of His Majesty by leaps and bounds.

It is my great pleasure to stand before you to present the Annual Report of the great progress made by the school, in its bid to provide quality education to its students. It is with great honour I present the outstanding performance put up by the students in the various scholastic, co-scholastic and sporting events held in the school during the academic session 2011-12. Like the previous years, this year also our students have done exceedingly well and left a trail of glory.  

The students of class X and XII brought laurels to the school by their outstanding performance. I am pleased to say that there has been a continuous and marked improvement in their performance. As many as seven students of Class X were awarded certificates of Merit on the basis of outstanding performance and obtained grade A1 in all the five subjects with Cumulative Grade Point Average i.e. CGPA of 10. These high achievers are Iyyamma Gowri, Liz Maria, Hely R. Mehta, Paul Ipshita, Aishwarya Kurup, Himanshu Sharma and Akansha Sinha.

An overwhelming 20 students received A1 grade in both Mathematics and Science, 19 students in English, 10 students each in Hindi and Social Science.

Our students of class XII brought pride and honour to the school by their impressive performance. Anuja K.Tole with an aggregate of 95.8%, Pathik Aravind with 95.4%, Gaurav S. Mokhasi and Arshi Tandon with 95% each were the shining stars.

Here I would also like to mention the stellar performance of the students who were the subject topers in class XII.

 A record number of 7 students achieved 95% marks in English. They are Anuja K. Tole, Gaurav S. Mokhasi, Abhishek Mishra, Anuja M. Mistry, Niha R. Mathews, Jessy Jacob, Bhavin H. Singadia, Kamal Deep Singh and Haya H. Ahmed. Anuja K. Tole, Arshi Tandon and Abhishek Mishra obtained 95% in Physics. Anuja K. Tole and Pathik Aravind obtained 99% in Chemistry. Pathik Aravind obtained 97% in Biology and 96% in Mathematics. Heena Bapodra obtained 98% in Informatics Practices she is the Oman Topper for the subject.

The school acknowledges these stellar performances and appreciates and motivates each of them with a real gold coin.

A noteworthy achievement for our four students, viz. Anuja Tole, Arshi Tandon, Pathik Aravind and Gaurav S. Mokhasi is that they received a Government of India Scholarship of        Rs. 80,000 per year for five years for higher education under Innovations in Science pursuit for inspiring research by virtue of their performance with top 0.1 % of Class XII exam of CBSE.

The school recognizes the need to refresh the knowledge and train teachers, according to the ongoing process of transformation of school education and evaluation. Various resource persons were arranged and workshops and in-house training programmes were conducted. Some of the resource persons who conducted various workshops and seminars were Mr. Ramesh Mani, CEO, Majan Glass Company, Mrs. Neetu Reu, English Department, Sohar University and Prof. (Dr). Thirumurugan Shanmugam, College of Applied Sciences. Our teachers attended various workshops and training programmes at Muscat also. For instance, they attended a workshop on CCE by Prof. H.S. Srivastava the key person behind the designing of CCE. Four primary teachers attended a Workshop on ‘Communication Training in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder’ at Muscat. Mr. Leo Lobo, Director-Academics, Indian Schools Al Wadi Al Kabir and Sohar guided and helped the teachers in understanding and implementing the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

The Annual Exhibition for juniors was organised in January 2012 for classes KG to V. The beautiful and inspiring models and exhibits put up by the junior school were appreciated by the guests and parents alike.

The 8th Sastra Pratibha contest 2011-12 under the auspices of Science India Forum Muscat was conducted in October 2011. Our student Krishna Dev Menon of class VII was the proud recipient of the Sastra Prtibha award for the second consecutive year! I congratulate him for this extraordinary feat. Six students achieved A + grade while 8 students achieved A grade.

The assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing (ASSET) for classes III to X was conducted from 3rd October to 6th October 2011. A total number of 273 students participated. Five of our students received certificates for outstanding performance in different subjects. Krishnadev R. Menon of VII, again brought glory to the school and was awarded special prize form ASSET for outstanding performance in English, Mathematics and Science.

Like the previous years, this year also our school team of 120 students participated in the Jhankar Spectrum 2011 an annual interschool cultural event in which all the Indian schools of Oman participate. Our school took part in all the 23 events and thus made the presence felt strongly. Eight of our students bagged the first prize in the Folk Dance category. In the Debate competition our school team comprising of Himanshu Sharma and Prakhar Hans of Class XI won the second place.

In the Ambassador’s Polemic Challenge held in November 2011 at Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir, one of our students Himanshu Sharma of Class XI won the second prize for Best Rebuttal.

Our students actively participate in various functions and events held in the Omani schools in order to felicitate a cross culture interaction, so that the young minds of both the countries are exposed to each other’s culture, traditions and heritage. We also invite Omani and other schools for various competitions and cultural events.

On 12th December 2011, 13 students from our school took part in ‘Students Got Talent’ event at Hind Bint Amru School, Al Khaburah. Three of our students emerged as the winners and were awarded certificates and a cash prize each. These talented students are: Shubruika Gupta of class X winner in creative writing, Rollin Fernandes of Class VIII first prize in instrumental music Pragyapati of class VIII winner in Henna competition.

In order to bring out the inherent talent of the students and to encourage them, the school organizes various co-curricular activities. Literary competitions like elocution, declamation, easy writing, storytelling etc were held this year also like other years.

I am pleased to announce that our students put up a remarkable performance in the various interschool sporting events. A record number of 31 students were awarded real gold coins for stupendous performance in sports. Every year the number of students receiving gold coins is increasing due to a marked improvement in their performance. This year it is an overwhelming 31, so due to time constraint, I am not able to read each one’s name.

Our school team participated in the CBSE Oman Cluster Athletic Meet held at Indian School Muscat on 27th and 28th of October 2011 and won as many as 10 prizes.

Both our boys and girls teams participated in the CBSE Oman Cluster Kho-Kho Tournament and emerged as the winners among all the Indian Schools of Oman and qualified for the CBSE National Kho Kho Tournament. The school honoured all the team members with a real gold coin each.

Another noteworthy feature this year is that for the first time Indian School Sohar very successfully organised and hosted two of the CBSE Oman Cluster Tournaments. For Table Tennis and Chess. All Indian Schools from Oman participated in these tournaments. Here I would like to gratefully acknowledge that Jindal Shadeed Group provided us their hall for the Table Tennis tournament. Thank you Mr. Sarogi, CEO of Jindal Shaded.

Our school under 19 girls team participated in the CBSE Oman Chess Tournament and secured the first position and qualified to participate in the CBSE national chess championship. Anju Mariam John of class XI won a gold medal in the under 19 girls category for Discuss Throw and Priyanka Bobby of Class IX in under 16 girls category was declared the winner in Javelin Throw. The school awarded real gold coins to all these talented sports boys and girls.

The 19th Annual Athletic Meet was successfully organised by the school on 16th November 2011. The impressive show put up by the students left a lasting impression on the minds of the spectators. The students showed a wonderful spirit of sportsmanship as all the four houses competed with each other. Green house emerged as the Champion House followed by Blue House in the second position. The students with exceptional talent received the Individual Championship Trophy. They were Fathima Faiza and Mohammed Rash in under 12 year category, Anushka Mishra, and Mohammed Sawad in under 14 years category, Shilpa Shivdas and Mehalam Mahir in the under 16 years category and Roshin Lazer, Sruti Bora and Alex Antony in the under 19 years category.

To develop leadership qualities and the spirit of service we train our students in Scouts and Guides.

So as to inculcate the spirit of brotherhood, various festivals of Oman and India are celebrated with enthusiasm by the students.

Parent Orientation Programmes and regular Parent-Teacher meetings are organised in order to have a better coordination and interaction with the parents for the betterment of the school. In its bid to provide quality education to its students and to develop them into well-rounded personalities, the school is continuously trying to upgrade its infrastructure. The current use of 13 portacabins is only a temporary arrangement, in order to accommodate all Indian students coming to Sohar. I am pleased to announce that the school has acquired about 8300 square meters of land adjacent to the existing school building. Insha Allah we shall be able to provide better facilities as soon as we complete the construction of more classrooms, a multipurpose hall and a bigger play ground.

In order to make learning more effective, we have acquired smartboards. We already have 3D lessons programme in classes provided by the company JIL.

35 computers have been added and additional apparatus for the laboratories has been procured. We gratefully acknowledge 25 laptops and two servers gifted by Sohar Aluminium. Thank you Mr. Henk Pauw, CEO of Sohar Aluminium.

In order to assist and help class XII students to take up a career according to their aptitude a seminar, `What after XII’ by Professor Dr. Thirumurugan Shanmugham, from College of Applied Sciences, Sohar was conducted and another seminar `Time Management’ by the Principal was conducted for the senior students.

Our students participated in the National Quiz at Indian School Muscat in October 2011.

Our school successfully hosted the Times of Oman Inter School Quiz Pre Prelims on 12th April 2012. 17 teams of our school were selected to participate in the Final Prelims at Indian School Al Ghubra on 17th April 2012.
Our school team comprising of Himanshu Sharma and Apoorv Verma were selected for the mega finals to be held at the Amphitheatre at Qurum on 19th April 2012.
A free medical camp for our school children was organised by ASTER-Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar from 19th to 22nd February 2012.  

The school’s academic year was made memorable by the visit of many eminent dignitaries from time to time. The eminent dignitaries who visited on various special occasions were      Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al Mohamed, Director General, Directorate General of Commerce and Industry, H.E. Mr. Anil Wadhwa, Ambassador of India to the Sultanate of Oman, Mr. Anil Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas LLC, Mr. Kiran Asher, Managing Director, Al Ansari Trading LLC, Mr. Raju Ved, Director, Lakhoos,  Mr. B.D. Pandya, Management of Hindu Temple, Mr. Harshendu Shah, President, Indian School Wadi Kabir, Mr. Mathew Abraham, Educational Advisor, Board of Directors Office Muscat, Mr. Leo Lobo, Director – Academics, Indian School Wadi Kabir and Sohar, Mr. Mehmood Mohammed Harith Al Abri, Director, International Schools Office,  Mr. Sayyid Areesi, Ms. Zyonna, Ministry of Education for Private schools Batinah North, Mr. Mohammed Ismail Al Kamali, Director, Ministry of Sports, Al Batinah Region, Mr. Tonny Alexander, Chairman, Board of Directors, Mr. Ramesh Mani, CEO, Majan Glass Company, Mr. M.S. Jha, General Manager, Al Nadha Group,Dr. Bhaskar Dutta, CEO, Jazeera Steel, Mr. Sarogi, CEO, Jindal Steel, Dr. Tandon, Chairman, Indian Social Club and many others.

Let me take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all these persons who have helped us in smooth working of school.

I thank the Director of International Schools Office, and the officials of his Department at Muscat and Sohar for the permission for the various functions and approval for the appointment of new teachers.

I thank the Ministry of Manpower in getting the clearance for the appointments of new teachers, the Royal Oman Police, Sohar Municipality and Water & Electricity Departments for their excellent services.

The officials of the Indian Embassy have been very helpful to us. We thank them for their cooperation. We are grateful to the Board of Directors and especially Mr. Leo Lobo, Director – Academics for his continuous support, advice and guidance.

I thank the School Managing Committee of our School, for their wholehearted support and guidance in the smooth running of the school. Indeed the entire school is indebted to the devoted service of all the members of the School Managing Committee who are instrumental in the development of the school.

I would like to recognize and thank our talented and experienced staff for their continuous support and guidance to all the students throughout the year for their welfare and development. They deserve to be applauded for their immense dedication and hard work. School has got a well equipped Office with experienced and able staff to take care of the administration work. Without them the school cannot run smoothly. My appreciation goes to them too. The school’s Omani Staff has always been on the forefront  to discharge their duties. Our service staff is also very sincere in their duties and help keep the campus clean. My thanks to them too.

This time a record number of seven staff members are being honouored by the school with a gold coin each, for ten years of dedicated and unstinted service. I congratulate them. They are Ms. Saramma Kurian, Mr. Joseph Yohannan, Mr. Sripathi Bhat, Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur, Mrs. Natasha Tomy, Mrs. Dilna Anish and   Mr. Ibrahim Al Balushi.

My special blessings for the pupils for their team spirit, hard work and disciplined behaviour. I am extremely thankful to the parents for their excellent cooperation with the school.

Before I finish my report I would like to express our thanks to the following companies for providing free snacks to the students for Annual Concert and Annual Day. They are

1)            Khimji Ramdas LLC

2)            Oman Foodstuff Factory LLC

3)            Oman Refreshment Company (SAOG)

4)            IFFCO Distribution LLC

5)            National Biscuits Industries Ltd SAOG

Thank you one and all.

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