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10 Jun 2012

ASSET examination 2013

                                           INDIAN SCHOOL SOHAR
                                                                                             9 June 2012
Dear Parents,

The  school will conduct Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Educational Testing (ASSET) for classes III to X between 10th Jan 2013 and 17th Jan Jan 2013. The date sheet for the exam will be announced later. The fee for the test is RO 7.000 for English, Maths and Science (Classes III to X) and RO 3.000 each for Hindi (Classes IV to VIII) and Social Studies (Classes V to X).

ASSET is a unique test that checks the depth of students’ understanding on every topic. The test consists only of multiple choice questions and provides feedback on students’ vocabulary levels, their ability to comprehend texts in varied formats, apply the concepts taught in real life situations and develop a love for learning and understanding new things.

All students will receive a Certificate and the ASSET My book. ASSET My book is a personalized instructional material for each student based on the results. It contains the detailed result highlighting the student’s strengths and weaknesses, practice questions along with the explanations and answers for the concepts that the student is weak in.

ASSET tests are stress free and require no prior preparation and students will also benefit greatly from the individualized analysis and remedial in the form of practice questions. Please visit for more information.

Interested students may complete the acknowledgement slip and return it to the class teacher along with required fee by 17/06/2012.

Last date of payment :17/06/2012

JK Arora

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