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16 Jun 2012

Young Bull Money challenge 2012

                                      INDIAN SCHOOL SOHAR
                                                                                     11 June 2012
Dear Parents,

Sub : Written Quiz for class 7,8,9,10,11 & 12 students to train them in money management through ‘Young Bull Money Challenge – 2012’

Young Bull Money challenge is an event to train high school students in better money management. It is designed in the form of a competition, so as to make it fun and interesting for the students.

Students learn the basics of handling money wisely, the importance of saving, the role of banks, financial institutions, the precautions to be taken in ATM centres, online security, precautions while using social networking sites, the importance of investing, the do’s and don’ts of investing, basic concepts of shares, mutual funds, gold ETF, insurance etc.

All the enrolled students get a workbook called ‘Moneyskills for Life’ which explains in simple language the basics of money management. The workbook has lessons, worksheets, activities, stories, examples etc which teach everyday finance in a fun way to students. The students have to do the activities with the help of their parents at home.

The exam will be conducted in the school. The registration fee is RO 5/- the exam is schedule for the 2nd week of October. The test will be in English with 50 multiple choice questions to be completed in 45 mins. There will be no negative markings.

1.Students learn how businesses run and how professional earn money. They realize the importance of making money. They develop the habit of saving money.
2.Parents report that their ward has changed for the better. Children save re. They money and invest it for future. They develop an ‘I can” spirit and set goals and plans to get wealthy early in life and fulfill their ambitions.
3.Students of class 7-10 go through the concepts of banking and commerce for the first time in their life. It helps them to decide on which stream to take after 10th exams – whether commerce stream or science stream
4.Students get a thorough insight into workings of the financial world.

Please visit for more information.

Students may complete the acknowledgement slip and return it to class teacher alongwith the required fee by 19-06-2012
Last date of payment: 19-06-2012

JK Arora

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